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The purpose of this application is to create a basic Helpdesk Winapp to perform basic functions and optimizations. These optimizations are disabling the most common unneeded services in a business domain controlled environment to assist in increasing the systems speed.

Basic Functions:
Display the machine's IP address(es)
Display the computer name
provide a drop down to select a networked drive to copy the full network path to that drive to the clipboard.
Display real time CPU and possibly GPU temperatures to aid in identifying overheating machines.

Optimizations: (Located in the Admin Panel, which will require a password to open)

Config options from MSCONFIG:
Select the number of processors from: msconfig > BOOT.INI > Advanced Options
Need to add a silent installer for java which would uninstall the current version of JRE and install specific versions of java. Ex. 6 update 21, 6 update 37, etc. then prompt to reboot the system if needed.

Easily disable presets of non used Windows Services such as but not limited to:
Adobe Flash Player Update
Windows CardSpace
Machine Debug Manager

Optional disable:
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
SQL Express


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A Big Thanks to nick0 who finished the Network Drive Mappings functions. I'd send you a thank you email but you didn't provide one to be reached at under your profile.

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